Safe Haven

Being far from home is not easy. For 21 years, my mother has kept me on her nest – tending on me, feeding me, helping me carry boat-loads of problems, encouraging me when I’m down, teaching me values, making me laugh out loud anytime, and most importantly, loving me no matter what it takes. (A/N: This statement actually made me cry and feel homesick. I really had to stop drafting just to phone her to pacify this growing longing in my heart. She just laughed while I sniffled in between sobs. Fine. Haha) But now, she set me free like a bird that has just learned to fly. I admit I haven’t been independent and it was mainly because of her love for me that made me so attached to her. Detaching from her then makes me feel so empty. But life goes on. I can survive anything for her.

Now, it’s about time to give back. For 20 long years she struggled so hard for me and it’s just right to turn the table – for me to be the one working hard for her – especially now that she’s getting old and her severe athritis is dominating over her.

So when an oportunity revealed itself to me – to work in one of the big four firms in the Philippines – I grabbed it. There’s actually a branch in Cebu but my application was forwarded to the head office in Makati City. I was hesitant at first because of the great distance from my family but then I remembered wishing to be able to work here in this firm when I was still an undergrad. Maybe then, I’m really meant to be here.

So buildings loom like giants. Busy people walk down the side of the streets in a haste. The Filipino language which I’m not so fluent in terms of speaking it. A level of life that’s quite different from what I’ve been living in Cebu. But amidst all this, I find refuge. A place where I can find peace and relaxation in body, mind and spirit. A place called Chapel of Sto. Ninyo de la Paz located in Greenbelt, Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

A safe haven, it is. πŸ™‚






6 thoughts on “Safe Haven

  1. πŸ™‚ That’s part of growing. And definitely part of living life. So, enjoy the blessing. Your mom’s gonna be happy when you come home, but she sure does not want to deprive you of opportunities to grow. Ajah!

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Let me hear you. :)

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