An hour ago, I was so engrossed in reading a book when my close friend, Realyn, suddenly shared with me a video on Messenger. The caption was “Pinatahimik ko ang buong kalawakan para makinig sayo”. Without a split second, I clicked the play button. And at 2:49, I started sobbing. If this is the first […]

He Loves You More Than Anyone Else

I read this article earlier today. It’s brief but powerful that I badly wanted to share it here with you guys. Hope you too will have the same feeling that I had after reading it. Have a blessed week ahead. 🙂 People will fail you. People will leave you. People will hurt you. People will disappoint […]

Keep Holding On

You know the feeling when you all work and pray together to reach that one same goal only to find out later that you succeeded while the others fell short. Victory and happiness is totally incomplete. The thought of you celebrating while the others hurt holds a part of your heart back from feeling victorious. […]

I Am

… a sinner. I answer my parents when they reprimand me for doing undesirable and wrongful acts. I get mad. Anyway, it’s my life; I can do whatever I want. So when they tell me what to and not to do, correct me, scold me, beat me… rage is my refuge. I answer them back […]

“Do you love Me?”

This is not about ordinary love. I’m talking about the greatest love of all here, and let me remind you that when you feel like no one loves you, there’s one who actually does. _ _ _ There are certain people whom we love in this world – our parents, relatives, loyal friends, and some […]


  Faith – this is what keeps the heart of every Cebuano burning with zealous. If you aren’t a Cebuano, you will be amazed at how these people firmly believe in the child Jesus. They have this very deep faith in Him. You would even be wondering why they pray through dancing. Well, as what […]