Dearest Caguioa Baby,

How are you? Today is October 1, 2022. Where are you with your readings? You may be sick now, emotionally unstable, and lacking focus notwithstanding your earnest efforts to really study hard and smart. You may be crying now, anxious, uncertain and doubtful about how things would turn out. You may be extremely pressured by […]



An hour ago, I was so engrossed in reading a book when my close friend, Realyn, suddenly shared with me a video on Messenger. The caption was “Pinatahimik ko ang buong kalawakan para makinig sayo”. Without a split second, I clicked the play button. And at 2:49, I started sobbing. If this is the first […]

Hey, Dad

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I haven’t written until yesterday when we were told to write an essay about a topic that I wasn’t  so sure about. It took me minutes to gather my thoughts. Good thing, I was able to finish a two-page essay in the end, though I was […]

He Loves You More Than Anyone Else

I read this article earlier today. It’s brief but powerful that I badly wanted to share it here with you guys. Hope you too will have the same feeling that I had after reading it. Have a blessed week ahead. 🙂 People will fail you. People will leave you. People will hurt you. People will disappoint […]

Keep Holding On

You know the feeling when you all work and pray together to reach that one same goal only to find out later that you succeeded while the others fell short. Victory and happiness is totally incomplete. The thought of you celebrating while the others hurt holds a part of your heart back from feeling victorious. […]

Justice for Karen Montebon

TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD AND WHO LIVE LIKE THEY’RE NOT GONNA PAY FOR THE CRIMES THEY COMMIT, Really, what is the matter with you? If you know in the very first place that drugs do you NO GOOD, why still fall to the false euphoria whatsoever that […]