If Only

I have everything in this world. EVERYTHING. Money. Fame. Friends. Family. Women. Just everything that I couldn’t ask for anything else. Yet, I feel incomplete. Even if I claim that I have everything, there’s still something that’s missing. So I journeyed to search for it. Have been to Europe, France, Korea, Japan, and to all […]

Dear Reader,

You may be living far from what you dream of and wish for – your parents can’t afford to send you to a prestigious university, you don’t have a car (even a second-hand one), the latest model of a branded phone and the like, you don’t get to eat to fancy restaurants and fast food […]

Trusting Him

Today, I will share with you how God moved in my life this year. After graduating last October 2014, I worked at a BPO industry to help my mother with her financial problems that were incurred during my last year in college. I also enrolled in a review school for the May 2015 CPA board examination […]

Dealing with Decisions

As I walked away that day leaving my four-month-old friends but with memories tattooed on mind, sadness crept in my heart. I shouldn’t have felt that. I shouldn’t be currently feeling that. I should even be celebrating because I’m finally out of that stressful job. But no. A part of me doesn’t even want to […]

To A Special Girl On Her Special Day,

November 23, 2014 You were once a kid who knew nothing but cakes, spaghettis, salads, ice creams, balloons, and games. Now you’ve grown up and you’re no kid anymore. With such inevitable fact came your eventual learning that life isn’t always about smiles and excitements and fairy tales and sweetness and happy hearts. At a very […]

Not A Storm Would Make Us Fall On Our Knees

There will always be certain events in our lives that will never be forgotten even against time. Events that still play back on our minds fresh as the daylight break. Events that still conjure emotions from the deepest depths of our hearts as though they just happened yesterday. Events that make us wonder why they […]

And I’m Thinking ‘Bout How People Fall in Love in Mysterious Ways

I know, I know. It’s not that original. Hi, Rouella Christina. 🙂 But as I crept on some pages, I came across a post of my friend sharing this song. At first, I just clicked on the like button because her caption was catchy – “And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways”. […]