Why I Don’t Hate Having a Credit Card

Hey guys, how have you been and how was your Valentines? 😀

Anyway, today, we will be talking about a totally different matter (obviously, the title speaks for itself lol). So this afternoon, my college friend sent me a message that his credit card was already delivered at their office. I was so happy for him because it was his first credit card ever! He also thanked me because I helped him get one. You’re welcome, K! Hihi 😀

Alright. Allow me to share with you my experience about having a credit card. People often have this misconception that when you HAVE a credit card, you will be drowning in debt. Well, I say, it’s NOT always the case. In fact, in my humble opinion, and based on my own experience, it’s the exact opposite.

I got my first and only credit card (thank you PNB!) way back 2018 and it has helped me through a LOT. The very first thing that I used it with was to purchase my first laptop which was an i5 7th Gen Lenovo Ideapad (I use it until now. Thank heavens!) Subsequently, I used it for grocery purchases, medicines at drug stores, in booking airline tickets online, purchasing cellphone, buying codals and books at Rex Bookstore, and just last December 2020 I used it in purchasing a Yamaha PSR E263 keyboard! Truly, it has helped me in a lot of ways. Huhu, thank you PNB CREDIT CARDS! I owe you big time! ❤

BUT, do you know what instance made me deeply realize and thankful for having a credit card? It was when my mother had a colonoscopy procedure at Mendero Hospital and did not foresee that her insurance wouldn’t cover the entire expenses. She was charged P12,000 as an out-of-pocket expense but she had no money! I was at work that time when my mother called to ask me if we could use my credit card to pay such amount. Thankfully, Mendero Hospital was accepting credit cards and that situation really did make me realize how important having a credit card is! Also, I wouldn’t forget how my credit card helped a long-lost friend in being discharged from Chong Hua Hospital. We actually agreed that she’d pay me back but I think she already forgot about me hhahhahaha. Anyway, I also wouldn’t forget how another long-lost friend made me accompany her to the grocery and had me pay for all her items! She promised that she’d repay me but I think that she has also forgotten about me. Why do you guys tend to do that? HUHU.

Anywayyy, here’s the thing. CREDIT CARDS ARE REALLY VERY USEFUL and you just have to use them wisely. When you don’t have cash and you need to purchase an item or you simply need to satisfy your cravings, go ahead and swipe your card! But always, ALWAYS, make sure to PAY! That’s the number one rule in having a credit card, don’t forget! Well, you can always swipe now and pay later; that’s the good thing. But again, YOU HAVE TO PAY! 😀

Okay. If you ask me, I personally suggest that you apply for a credit card because sooner or later, you will be using one. Once you get approved, you can readily use it when you deem it necessary (most especially during emergencies)! Trust me! Been there, done that! 😀

Now, before I end this post, you might want to apply for a credit card. Good news! With PNB Ze-lo Mastercard, you can enjoy the following benefits:

✓ Zero annual fee for life
✓ Zero late payment fees
✓ Zero overlimit fees
✓ Lower finance charge of 1.88%
✓ Lower minimum amount due
✓ Free annual fee for life for all your PNB Supplementary Credit Cards
✓ Pay your bill in Peso, even for transactions abroad
✓ Global and online acceptance

✓ Contactless payment

So! Ask me about this or any PNB Credit Cards! Feel free to message me if you have any clarifications and so that I can help you with your credit card application. 🙂

Thank you all and please, please, stay safe! ❤

6 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Hate Having a Credit Card

  1. I had my first credit card when I started working and immediately applied for a supplemental card for my mommy. Apparently, my sister was the one who used it mostly and for some reasons, I had to discontinue it.

    I applied again after so many years mainly to get a multiple-entry visa for my SK trip. Haha. Credit card has been my safety net whenever I travel abroad because I seldom bring huge amount of cash. 😀

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