Dear Reader,

You may be living far from what you dream of and wish for – your parents can’t afford to send you to a prestigious university, you don’t have a car (even a second-hand one), the latest model of a branded phone and the like, you don’t get to eat to fancy restaurants and fast food chains (you’re even lucky if you could eat three times a day), and your pocket is empty that you basically don’t get anything you want in a jiffy or couple of days. It’s okay. Living in this world is not about money and luxury. It’s not about conjuring things in a snap. It’s about sacrifices and the inspiration you bring to others along the way. It’s about contentment and learning to appreciate what you have (when in fact others don’t even have them). It’s about happiness and love.What in life can love not penetrate?” –Mitch Albom, The First Phone Call From Heaven

You may be feeling down and ugly and useless. Stop feeling so. You’re only wasting your time. If somebody bullies and tells you “You’re ugly” and proclaims all your other flaws to the world, don’t give a damn. Just shrug off and don’t let their words sink in to your depths – it’s like a poison that’s killing you from the inside. Instead of spending time feeling pity for yourself and wishing you were better off dead, why don’t you get a mirror and examine yourself closely? You’re beautiful, for heaven’s sake! God’s works are beautiful; YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! If anyone thinks you’re ugly, let them think so. Anyway, NOT everyone thinks you are. Surely, there are those who see you differently and uniquely beautiful. The things you consider not good about yourself (e.g. flat nose and chest, imperfect teeth, big eyes, pimples, you name it) may be attractive to others! Some are even made with incomplete body parts and yet you complain about your what-you-think-is-ugly body part? Think twice. You were made that way. You ARE beautiful. So, be grateful instead. This is not some bluffing post whatsoever. You really are  beautiful. You just have to recognize that. So stop thinking low of yourself. Okay?

You may have failed for the nth time on your undertaking. Why give up? Each failure gives you a lesson, each hurdle hones you better, and so, the wider your knowledge gets, the more dexterous you become, and the closer you are to achieving your goals. Remember Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein? Did they ever give up? And if they did, would they ever reach that far and reach their goals? You just have to work hard. In time, you’ll reap the fruits of your labor. You’d never know how close you might have been when you give up. So keep moving. Never say never. Never give up.

You like a person but he’s not interested in you so you resort to being someone you’re not just so you’d fit in to that person’s definition of beauty. STOP. Doing so doesn’t make him love YOU (because you’re not you in the first place). Move on. Be yourself and find a person who’d accept everything about you. Who’d find you beautiful even when the world sees the contrary. Find a person who’d love the real you, you without the slightest trace of pretension.

You ARE an awesome person. Don’t let other people bring you down. They’re like a quicksand: the more you mind them, the more you allow them to swallow you. But if you just keep your cool, the smoother you get out of the situation – you being unscathed. As what people say, it’s just mind over matter; if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

You’re not what you negatively think you are, alright?

You are valued.

You are loved.

And again, you’re beautiful.

Just the way you are. 🙂

Sending you virtual hugs and kisses and love,

Mel 🙂

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