Dear Moe,

I watched you with her today.

I watched how you held her so close to you like you were afraid she would be gone any second.

I watched how you touched her so gently like she was so fragile you don’t ever want to break.

I watched your eyes (that once upon a time used to melt me) twinkle like a thousand twinkling stars on the nighttime sky, reflecting the extreme happiness that you felt with her by your side.

I watched how you slipped that ring to her finger and vowed in front of innumerable witnessing eyes that you would stay with her in sickness and in health and no matter what and that you would love her will death do you part.

And then, just suddenly, my eyes swung open. My lips ark to smile when I saw the loveliest creature lying down in front of me sleeping like the world’s nothing to be cared about. A small spark then caught my attention – ahh, it’s the ring on your finger – it glittered like a silvery ocean under the romantic care of the moon. Oh, I now remember. We just got married, Moe, and I realized that I dreamt of our wedding and that… she was me. Silly, even my dreams could not get over of the best thing that’s ever happened in my life.

I studied your face, all your features so perfectly made. Oh, those lips suddenly reminded me of how you tried not to break apart from our kiss yesterday which mischievous yet sweet act of yours sent our loved ones smiling and cheering. Well, we could now experiment on how long we could hold on to our kiss with nobody watching, just us and us alone. And maybe, just maybe, we could kiss endlessly. Oh how heavenly would that be.

If you wonder where I am right now, I’m just in the kitchen working on our first morning meal as husband and wife. Hahaha. Moe, darling, you know your wife to be a frustrated writer and that, would be one of the hundred things about me that you have to accustom yourself with and live about starting today. 🙂 Well, I know you’ll never get tired of it because you’re a sucker of my letters for you, and you always crave to read them.

And erm, yes, Moe, darling, I want you to know that you made me so happy when we did the sacred thing last night. I know you were beyond happy to discover you were the first. Yes, Moe, I swore to myself that I’d offer my most precious thing to the man I love.

And I love you.

With all my heart.

The loveliest wife on Earth ever,

♥ Julie

P.S. Round 2 after breakfast? *evil grin* 😀

Let me hear you. :)

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