He Loves You More Than Anyone Else

I read this article earlier today. It’s brief but powerful that I badly wanted to share it here with you guys. Hope you too will have the same feeling that I had after reading it. Have a blessed week ahead. 🙂 People will fail you. People will leave you. People will hurt you. People will disappoint […]

Definitely Single BUT Definitely Happy

Originally posted on Doctor Eamer:
Sabi ng nakararami, malungkot daw maging single. Sabi pa nila, mahirap tumandang dalaga o binata. Pero bakit may mga taong kasal nga pero malungkot pa din? May mga taong may asawa at anak, pero hirap na hirap pa din sa buhay? Paano ko nga ba sisimulan ang blog na ito?…

Paul and Toni: Perfect Together

“The bigger the sacrifice, the greater the reward.” This was what Celestine (Toni) said on a program dubbed Perfect Together: Paul and Toni Wedding Special which was aired last Saturday night in ABS-CBN. She nailed me on my spot with that beautiful statement and I couldn’t agree with her more. I’m not really a huge […]

The Awakening Principle

Sometimes, no matter how we keep our cool on things that are plaguing us, we just couldn’t hold still. We tend to erupt like a mad volcano, only to realize in the end that we reacted just too much and that it’s already late because as a consequence of such outburst, we caused broken hearts. […]

Summer Realizations

I’ve been dormant for a couple of weeks now and pardon me for that. See, I was thrown into this hell-like weeks (summer always reserves these kinds of week for me that sometimes I wish this type of season not to come >.<). I’ve been burning candles for myriad endless nights for our qualifying exam […]

Because Love Moves in Mysterious Ways… ♥

Everybody’s eyes were glued on her. She seemed like a goddess walking down from heaven. Jaws were dropped, and no one dared to blink, as though afraid to miss the tiniest detail about her. Has time stopped? No. everyone was just in extreme surprise to see the loveliest woman ever, walking down the aisle. She […]