I Am

… a sinner. I answer my parents when they reprimand me for doing undesirable and wrongful acts. I get mad. Anyway, it’s my life; I can do whatever I want. So when they tell me what to and not to do, correct me, scold me, beat me… rage is my refuge. I answer them back […]

The Man and His Words

For more than a week, I was merely feeding my eyes with the sight of this certain book’s enticing cover despite this screaming urge of picking it up from the spot where it peacefully laid. My daily routines are still the customary ones (as they are routines, right) but these past few days, they have […]

The Awakening Principle

Sometimes, no matter how we keep our cool on things that are plaguing us, we just couldn’t hold still. We tend to erupt like a mad volcano, only to realize in the end that we reacted just too much and that it’s already late because as a consequence of such outburst, we caused broken hearts. […]