Keep Holding On

You know the feeling when you all work and pray together to reach that one same goal only to find out later that you succeeded while the others fell short. Victory and happiness is totally incomplete. The thought of you celebrating while the others hurt holds a part of your heart back from feeling victorious. […]

Dealing with Decisions

As I walked away that day leaving my four-month-old friends but with memories tattooed on mind, sadness crept in my heart. I shouldn’t have felt that. I shouldn’t be currently feeling that. I should even be celebrating because I’m finally out of that stressful job. But no. A part of me doesn’t even want to […]

When Bad Days Get Beautiful

So let me tell you. Just about my own, if you don’t mind. Our class had just been through a tough week with all the nosebleeding final exams and stuff. So what I dreamily imagined as an I-could-do-ANYTHING-without-worrying-anymore-about-any-coming-exams night turned out to be the least that I ever expected. My good friend, Realyn, and I […]

The Man and His Words

For more than a week, I was merely feeding my eyes with the sight of this certain book’s enticing cover despite this screaming urge of picking it up from the spot where it peacefully laid. My daily routines are still the customary ones (as they are routines, right) but these past few days, they have […]


  Faith – this is what keeps the heart of every Cebuano burning with zealous. If you aren’t a Cebuano, you will be amazed at how these people firmly believe in the child Jesus. They have this very deep faith in Him. You would even be wondering why they pray through dancing. Well, as what […]