If Only

I have everything in this world. EVERYTHING. Money. Fame. Friends. Family. Women. Just everything that I couldn’t ask for anything else. Yet, I feel incomplete. Even if I claim that I have everything, there’s still something that’s missing. So I journeyed to search for it. Have been to Europe, France, Korea, Japan, and to all […]

4th Power

So I was watching a national news on TV early this morning when these sisters were featured. I searched them on Youtube and as I watched them perform, I really had goosebumps. These Filipina girls are definitely AWESOME. Well I don’t have to say much; the video says it all. 🙂 Proud fella here, btw. 😀 Go, […]

Definitely Single BUT Definitely Happy

Originally posted on Doctor Eamer:
Sabi ng nakararami, malungkot daw maging single. Sabi pa nila, mahirap tumandang dalaga o binata. Pero bakit may mga taong kasal nga pero malungkot pa din? May mga taong may asawa at anak, pero hirap na hirap pa din sa buhay? Paano ko nga ba sisimulan ang blog na ito?…

Safe Haven

Being far from home is not easy. For 21 years, my mother has kept me on her nest – tending on me, feeding me, helping me carry boat-loads of problems, encouraging me when I’m down, teaching me values, making me laugh out loud anytime, and most importantly, loving me no matter what it takes. (A/N: […]

Paul and Toni: Perfect Together

“The bigger the sacrifice, the greater the reward.” This was what Celestine (Toni) said on a program dubbed Perfect Together: Paul and Toni Wedding Special which was aired last Saturday night in ABS-CBN. She nailed me on my spot with that beautiful statement and I couldn’t agree with her more. I’m not really a huge […]

Dear Reader,

You may be living far from what you dream of and wish for – your parents can’t afford to send you to a prestigious university, you don’t have a car (even a second-hand one), the latest model of a branded phone and the like, you don’t get to eat to fancy restaurants and fast food […]

Trusting Him

Today, I will share with you how God moved in my life this year. After graduating last October 2014, I worked at a BPO industry to help my mother with her financial problems that were incurred during my last year in college. I also enrolled in a review school for the May 2015 CPA board examination […]