4th Power

So I was watching a national news on TV early this morning when these sisters were featured. I searched them on Youtube and as I watched them perform, I really had goosebumps. These Filipina girls are definitely AWESOME.

Well I don’t have to say much; the video says it all. 🙂

Proud fella here, btw. 😀

Go, Mylene, Irene, Almira, and Celina!

Go 4th Power! We’ll support you no matter what. And regardless of the result, let me just tell you that you’ve already won in our hearts (promise, walang echos to haha). You guys are AMAZINGLY talented. Keep it up and remain in humility amidst the stardom. 🙂


Updated: 10/01/2015

I watched you guys at Aliw Theater last Sunday, September 27 during Bo Sanchez’ The Feast! You have no idea how overwhelmed I was. Haha. I was one of the hundreds who raised their hands to bless and pray for you. 🙂


17 thoughts on “4th Power

  1. i first watched them in a Korean talent show while having a foot and body massage. didn’t know then that they are Filipinos until the judges tell it so. Kudos girls! 🙂

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