Thank YOU

They find sheer happiness in sharing knowledge to the growing minds. They find joy in seeing their students realize those paper-stamped stars into reality and succeed in their chosen careers. They, oh they find their heart in teaching.

If there’s a person to consider as having the most patient patience in the world, for me, that would be a teacher. Being a teacher is not an easy profession.Taking the licensure exams is not even sufficient, because in the truest sense, teaching requires the entirety of the heart, a boatload of passion and a lot of patience.

We maybe so engrossed with our dreams and careers that we forget how great is their contribution in the realization of those two things. Have we even come to think that had it not been for them, there would be no doctors, nurses, engineers, captains and the rest of the professions?

They invest so much time, effort and even emotions just to feed us not just with knowledge we ought to know but also with values. They are like our second parents then, but often times, we take them for granted that due to our financial status or the position our biological parents hold in the community or even simply due to our attitudes that even animals can’t bear, we tend to feel superior over these humble teachers. We bully them. We make fun of them. We don’t pay the respect they deserve. Wait. Why, why do we do these? Because we don’t realize their worth. We don’t realize their worth in our lives because we think they are just weeds in our pot. But we are totally wrong.  If we could only see how they teach us passionately. How they care for us like their own children. How, for even a short duration of being with us, they feel this growing love. Because they are our teachers. They are our second parents.

Even if we owe our first grasp on writing, reading, counting, and memorizing the alphabet and months to our parents who first taught us of those small yet great things, we also owe a big percentage of our gained knowledge to these respectable teachers. Without them, we wouldn’t be this kind of person we are now.

In celebration of the world teachers’ day, let’s try to reach our hardworking teachers and tell them how grateful we are for everything they’ve done in teaching and molding us. They are not mere weeds in our pot. If our parents are the sunlight and water, our teachers are the nutrients.

Today, even the simplest recognition would mean a lot to them. 🙂

Let me hear you. :)

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