Which one are you?

Today, I was flipping through the pages of my notebook and stumbled upon the certain leaf where scribbles read:

There are two options when failing. Being an egg and being a ball.

Egg – when it falls, it breaks

Ball – when it falls, it bounces back as hard as it fell

I got this from our class’ quote of the day. The moment I read it, there was some compelling force that nailed me on my spot. I paused for a moment. The quote’s totally right. Days prior, I was at a haze with all those unsatisfactory grades released and it seemed as though that beautiful quote snapped me back to my senses and put me back on track.

Life is not as easy as slicing a cake.

Life is the process of baking it.

The deliberation as to the measurement of ingredients to have the perfect concoction.

The sweat.

The at-times-inevitable burning/overcooking of it.

The hardwork that is invested in baking it.

Life then, is not as easy as we wish it to be. It requires a lot of things, even our tears during the course of battling ordeals. There is no 100% guarantee of right-away-success that awaits us in the end, though. There are so many obstacles that try to knock as down in the process. So that even whatever hardwork we invest on a particular undertaking, it’s not always paid off with the success we crave for. Many times, we fail. And worse, at those times, we give up.

Now. Which one are you?

10 thoughts on “Which one are you?

  1. nice thought, dear. same as choosing between being better or being bitter. i will be reminded not to be like an egg in difficult times. bounce back at its finest! 🙂

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  2. ” Life is not as easy as slicing a cake. Life is the process of baking it.” –superb! Delicious line. :)))

    I think it doesn’t matter what kind of ball it is. The thing is you get the same force when it bounces back.

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    • Which leads me to thinking that balls also have some other forms. Hahaha. But oh well, they all boil down to being a ball. ^_^

      Hm, so I’d be a rubber ball then. Not hard. Not soft. Just in between. 😀

      Insightful comment you have here, L! 🙂

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