Summer Realizations

I’ve been dormant for a couple of weeks now and pardon me for that. See, I was thrown into this hell-like weeks (summer always reserves these kinds of week for me that sometimes I wish this type of season not to come >.<). I’ve been burning candles for myriad endless nights for our qualifying exam and in the midst of that I stumbled over some thoughts:

  1. If you are an accountancy student, law, nursing, or in a course that highly demands your diligence so you could be like an owl to be able to stay up for the rest of the night, then, you got to be brave. Hahaha. Yeah. Literally brave. Brave in the sense that while your neighborhood is in deep slumber and the dogs are howling like crazy, you will not be scared of whatever creepy element you may hear or feel about. And oh yes, I have shares on that crap. One time, at around 2 AM, I heard a ‘pssst’ as though someone was calling my attention. I immediately threw myself beside my sleeping mother and slept. You might say it’s mum who did that but no, she wouldn’t want to give me a heart attack. Also, there were twice or thrice when, at around 2-3 AM, I smelled a lighted candle. The next times, I wore a scarf above my head down my neck enough to cover my nose (I looked like a ninja! XD).
  2. Due to the required extreme diligence in studying, I realized that before one has to indulge in a particular undertaking, he has to deliberate whether he has passion for such thing. Look at me, the word accountant was never in my life’s vocabulary. Ever. So, just one week before the official start of classes in college, my mother and I finally decided that I’d enroll in accountancy. The reason? Because my close high school friends took up such course. NOT because I’ve always dreamed of becoming an accountant. Because I never really did. So, there were many times when I regret throwing myself into this realm. However, when I happen to think about the 11 sections during our 1st year which, after four years, are now down to two, I then shoo regrets and the urge to give up away. Shall I call myself lucky? Argggh. I really do not know why I am here. I just always tell myself “God has better plans for me.” But still, four years have passed and yet I haven’t come to love this whole accountancy stuff. They say “If you have passion for whatever you are doing, then you surely will succeed.” So… won’t I? Oh, how I wish studying those academic books is as simple as reading Harry Potter or Nicholas Sparks’ novels! How I really wish.
  3. If you are only forced and pushed to take up a course that you don’t really want but just because your parents mandate you to, don’t be a rebel. Respect them. Consider this: you wouldn’t have been on this planet had it not been for them in the first place (right?). They’ve been sacrificing for you for how many years, so it’s high time to pay them back and make them happy and proud. Don’t worry; when you graduate from that course, then it’s your turn. Follow what your heart tells you to do. Follow your passion, for you could only be great in doing things if you put your heart into it.
  4. Have that confidence in yourself and always be optimistic no matter what. Never entertain a single negative thought, for if you do so, it could only swallow all the positivity in your system and you’ll end up being a loser. Like me (no, I’m not a loser. Haha), I was never prepared for our qualifying exam, the night before the said exam I was still studying 1/3 of the entire coverage. Haha. What I did was just relax myself and attract as much positive aura as possible. You know, law of attraction. Truth be proved, and of course, having mustered all my confidence and invested prayers, so yeah, the happy ending – I passed the dreaded exam.
  5. When you like a guy and it comes to the point that you look into each other’s eyes, never assume. It doesn’t mean that because he looked at you and you feel that there was something in his eyes, he likes you too already. NO. That’s the problem with us, girls, we often tend to construe their actions wrongly. We are assuming; admit that to yourself. I already did. Ahhahah. Well, I used to be assuming, and because I always end up dejected, I stopped. Now, girl, if you like a guy, just keep it to yourself and resort to doing things that would make him feel special. But DON’T TELL HIM STRAIGHT ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. Because if he knows directly that you like him, he might take advantage of that. But hey girl, I tell you, better wait patiently. Because love? Oh, it comes when you least expect it to. Just entrust it to the Lord. He has a perfect timing for everything.

I still have a week left before summer curtains will finally close. And maybe there are still some realizations waiting to be revealed. However, I’m afraid I may not be able to date with my thoughts once again because this time, I’d be entering a very critical chapter in my life: my 5th year in college. I heard so much regarding that feared year level wherein about 50% will not be able to graduate, and that it has now become an annual tradition. Holy Christ.

But still, I promise to sneak out and meet you guys here. :))


Let me hear you. :)

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