The Movie That Extra-Ordinarily Made People Cry Rivers

I lost a bet.

I lost on not crying over a movie again. The last time I cry just because of those wish-I-never-watched-movies was last year. Despite the fact that it was not portrayed by real people, the Brave movie made me realize things and even made me cry. But that was half a year ago, and currently, I’ve been to a lot of energy-draining, eye-bagging, and brain-sucking moments, so if I had this rare chance of watching a movie, I would want that to be comical (that could really send me rolling on the ground while laughing out loud! Hahaha. Yeah, I want that kind of movie badly. XD). But, out of curiosity, since I was hearing good feed backs (and even recommendations) about this movie, I watched MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7.

When the movie player was ready, the 1st thing that I checked was its duration and I went like ‘Okay. Maybe I’ll try you some other time.” Because apparently, it’s so long. I couldn’t even stand through an hour-and-a-half movie, how much more with this one that demands my two hours. So, pausing the movie, I texted my elder brother (who has watched it already and told me a hundred times to spend some time for it):

“You sure this one’s good? That it won’t only be wasting my time?”, with the implication of give-me-your-100%-assurance on this movie before I’d ever gonna watch it.

“Yeaaah. You will even cry.” Was his reply.

‘Oh-oh. Not again, please. But —- argh, fine! I’ll give it a try.’ I thought.

After an hour, it finally hit my weakest point. I cried several times on different scenes which really seemed to crush my heart (yeah, that much. Or was I just too emotional?). There were also some points when I was simultaneously crying and laughing. That was my first time to have ever done that just because of a movie. :))

I made a blog on this not to tell you the movie’s synopsis or summary (you could simply Google that). I made sure to insert this short blog in my time table (despite the heavy couple of weeks that I’m reluctantly tying myself with) because I want to tell you how genuinely thought and created this movie was. The plot’s so uniquely done and oh how the actors portrayed their characters so effectively and so awesomely, especially Yesung and her mentally-ill father who could effortlessly beat you on your wager of not crying over this seemingly-cliche-father-daughter-love-thing movie.

It’s just so good. Among the awesome movies I’ve watched, this one’s the first movie that sent me scribbling down my thoughts and feelings – another thing that could make you consider the greatness of this movie.

The movie that flawlessly conveyed the most unique story of an extra-ordinary love between a daughter andย  her father.

Come on, if you’ve gotten fed up with all those hollywood movies, try this unique Korean one about a daughter and a father.This is really worth the watch. You surely won’t regret it even if you watch this in the middle of your hectic schedule. You could kill me if after watching the movie, you wouldn’t feel anything. :))

7 thoughts on “The Movie That Extra-Ordinarily Made People Cry Rivers

    • Hello, Angel and the team. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yeah. My friend has been telling me for ages now to watch that movie. I surely will when I have the luxury of time.
      Thank you for the recommendation. ๐Ÿ™‚
      โ™ฅ M


    • Hiiii, Angel and the team! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve finally watched A Moment to Remember (months ago but I only got the chance to tell you now). Hm, the movie was good, but it didn’t make me cry like what Miracle did. A Moment is still really good anyway! But my friend who recommended the same movie was kind of disappointed when she learned I didn’t cry. XD


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