Because Love Moves in Mysterious Ways… ♥

Everybody’s eyes were glued on her. She seemed like a goddess walking down from heaven. Jaws were dropped, and no one dared to blink, as though afraid to miss the tiniest detail about her. Has time stopped? No. everyone was just in extreme surprise to see the loveliest woman ever, walking down the aisle. She flashed a shy but excited smile, and everyone was snapped back to their senses.


Julie Anne San Jose heaved out the deepest sigh in her life ever.

“Nervous?” her bestfriend, Frencheska asked, noticing her do that.

“Uh-oh. Hell nervous!” Julie exclaimed in a whisper.

French chuckled and held her chin up, “Don’t be. Coz you’re the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen in my entire life!”

“You’re bluffing!”

“Hey, I’m NOT! And I’m not saying this because I’m your bestfriend. I’m saying this because, though I’m jell-o, it’s true. OHH! Drop it. We’re here now!” French exclaimed in excitement. “Savor every moment, Julie. This comes once in a lifetime. All the best. Come on now.” She added, and they both hopped off from the bridal car.

By the time she stepped on the threshold of the church, everybody in the inside froze and stared at her in awe. She wandered her eyes around the place and saw happiness registering on everybody’s faces. Then, she looked straight ahead and their gazes locked. She could detect nervousness swarming over him just as how she felt that moment. His gaze was the happiest.

“Oh, baby. For 7 long years, you unconsciously never fail to send me this inexplicable feeling. And for 7 long years I have not figured out what you’re made of.” Julie thought and smiled at him who flashed her with his nervous smile.

A soft music then began filling the entire church and she started to walk down the aisle towards the guy whom she would be spending the rest of her life with. God knows how much she loves this guy. And an hour or so, she would be the happiest woman on earth. Ever.

Everyone just stared as she glided towards the man who would be finally taking her to the altar with the world witnessing. Then she was nearing him. Oh, wait. Did she see it right? Were there two silvery stuffs racing out of his eyes that he did not even wipe off his face? Her heart swelled, and her tears too, wanted to escape. He flashed her with his happiest smile, nonetheless. Then she was two steps apart from him. And he held out his hand. Like in the movies, her hand lifted in a slow motion.


Julie squinted her eyes as the sun rays hit those emerald ones.

“Huh! Wh – why am I here?!!” she asked in frantic disbelief, rubbing her eyes and wandering them across the room. She saw a beautiful white gown neatly hanged on one corner. Then she immediately hauled herself up, her jaw almost touching the floor.

“I just know that you’re funny when you wake up.” Sarah chuckled. “Come on. Hurry up and get dressed. The wedding will start in a couple of hours. Prepare your voice. You know it will be of great help later.” She winked at her and rushed out of the room to deal with the other guests.

“Jesus Christ.” Sakura grasped her head. Her brain has just finished refreshing, and all the memories came rushing in. She was finally remembering and it made her heart throb harder and faster as though it was wanting to jump out of its cage. She looked at the drawer. There was an invitation card on it that read;

You are cordially invited to FRENCHESKA & ELMO Nuptials

Reality totally snapped back in.

“And I was only dreaming.” Julie’s heart cried at that painful realization.


Everyone in the church was excited. Everything was set. Guests were anxiously sitting on their seats, photographers ready to capture any memorable moment, and the groom, standing at the point where grooms are supposed to be, apparently nervous. Then there was Julie who was standing a few meters away from the altar with a microphone on her hand.

It was her bestfriend, French’s, wedding. She requested Julie to sing and how could she say no? Isn’t it nice to sing on your bestfriend’s wedding? But Julie wasn’t totally happy. Something wasn’t letting her. Yes, she’d be singing at her bestfriend’s wedding but she wasn’t excited. How could she sing when the man whom French would be marrying is the same man whom Julie had loved all from the start? The sad thing is, she will be merely singing while the two will be uniting hearts and exchanging vows.

“Why did I dream of this? Me not being the singer but … the bride? Oh, shoot.” she thought sadly.

Then the elegant clamor slowly faded as the most awaited person stood at the church door. There goes the bride – Frencheska. She was very beautiful though the long veil covered her face. And Julie saw Elmo smile like she has never seen him smile before. Whoah. French must be VERY lucky to have him for the rest of her life. What have I done to not deserve him? Her tears almost escaped from her eyes. Julie had been staring at Elmo who didn’t even throw her a look. He must have been so engrossed in seeing his bride walk to him. He must be damn excited to take her to the altar.

Julie surreptitiously pinched herself. Maybe she was once again dreaming. But the pinch hurt. She was in the real world. No more dreaming.

She cleared her throat and started with some cold notes. It was then that Elmo turned to look at her. Julie wasn’t looking at his direction anymore though, neither at the bride’s. Her eyes were closed, not because she was feeling the song, but because her heart might not be able to take witnessing her bestfriend, French, walking towards her first love, Elmo, and making their way to the altar.

Just as Julie ended the song, French has reached Elmo’s spot. He then took her hand and led her to the altar. Dang. Julie had to witness that. But she was facing the crowd; she couldn’t just get on her knees and cry. Actually, she had been mustering her courage for the wedding for months now. She didn’t want to be weak. She had sweetly accepted her fate in love.

Maybe French was really for Elmo. Maybe Julie just wasn’t meant for him. Maybe there’s someone out there who’s destined for her. Maybe there has to be a reason.

“You may now kiss the bride.” Julie didn’t notice the time. Oh. And how she wished she didn’t hear the priest say that. Julie fought off the urge of breaking down, nonetheless. She watched as Elmo lifted the veil, mouthed ‘I love you’ and kissed French on the lips. People broke into applause and Julie tried bringing her hands together to clap, too. She then sang again and watched the couple walk down the aisle towards the bridal car that was waiting outside. Everyone was very happy for them and Julie kept on convincing herself that she was, too. But how can that be when the very thing she wanted to do that moment was breakdown and cry?


Greetings! This is Trans-Airlines. The plane will take off in 5 minutes and we are requesting everyone to put on their safety belts …

Everyone knew she’d be flying back that night to New York City. She has been settling there for 3 years now because it was where she worked, and she only came to the Philippines to attend the wedding that stabbed her heart a hundred times. Every now and then, tears still seep out of her eyes. Maybe she was not yet totally over Elmo notwithstanding the months of mustering her courage and heart. But she was hoping the agony to die sooner. Of course, there was no more single chance of her and Elmo to be together.

She realized that moving on is not really that easy. But she got to move on. It wouldn’t matter when, what matters is that she could get over him. Totally.

Maybe, just maybe, love is unfair. But I say, it’s not. Love is not just about being happy with the person you truly love. It’s not about settling down and ending happily with that person. Love could also mean, doing the thing that could hurt you the most – letting go and bearing heartache, just for that person’s happiness.

Julie shed her last tear for Elmo and promised herself not to cry and get affected anymore. ‘Goodbye, Moe.  I do wish you all the best,’ she thought and wiped with the back of her hand the tears that were not drying up since they shed.

“Here.” She heard a voice beside her.

She turned to look at the person talking and saw a guy whose hand was held out with a nice handkerchief perching on it. She suddenly felt something twitch in her stomach.

Why the twitch? Weird.’ Julie thought.

“Ohh. Thank you.” she said in gratification. He only smiled at her angelically in reply. She smiled back. And they were smiling at each other. (Haha.)

Both of them never had the single idea that there were invisible sparks that ignited between them. They didn’t know it. Well, not yet.

 ***THE END***

This is a story of how love moves in its own mysterious ways. If you are not happy and currently tasting the bitterness of love, then it’s not yet the end. Smile, my dear. Do not cry because of boys. They don’t deserve even a single tear of yours. Believe me, the Master is still writing the best love story for you. All you have to do is wait.

DO NOT SEARCH FOR LOVE. You will only be hurt on your quest, for true love comes when you least expect it to. Because, it finds its own way to get to you. OHHH. I hope I don’t sound like preaching about love here. Haha. So, just wait dear. It will come.

At the right time. 🙂



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