Hail to the Champ

After what seemed like an end to his pugilistic career, the eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao kisses victory once again after his rematch against Timothy Bradley yesterday.

I had observed long ago that when Manny has a fight, the world always seems to stop just to witness him do his thing on the ring. In the Philippines, it has always seemed like a tradition for Filipinos to really drop and set aside whatever they are doing so they could sit in front of a television to watch their pride – the only thing they could do to show support.

This is always the scene during Manny’s epic fights: The roads are emptied. People are gathered where there is a television; once in a while you would hear them exclaim in chorus every time Pacquaio lands good punches on his opponent, and when it’s Pacquiao’s turn to savor such punches, you would hear them exclaim in hurt and pity (others also cry out encouragements as though Pacquiao could hear them).



The world would never forget how Marquez knocked Manny out.  I could even still vividly remember how I felt when I witnessed him fall to the floor after Marquez’ last blazing punch. Manny never moved a muscle, he laid there flatly, as though he had just been shot dead.


I went like “Holy! What happened to him?!! MEDICCC, what the F are you still doing!!!” My heart suddenly skipped beats. I was really terrified seeing him on that shocking state, also with the rest of the world witnessing. Manny’s wife, Jinky, was then spotted by the camera. The world saw her go frantic. And I think my heart cried out. I know it wasn’t just me who felt that, but the entire Philippines, and all those people who support Manny. The world was really abashed to witness that unexpected moment. And a part of me was then thinking, What happens next???

The next thing I knew was that Manny finally got on his feet, and to his much disappointment, the fight was over and he lost it. People felt sad, not because he lost, but because he had to be thrown to that unbelievable situation. Others took it like their best friend just dropped the funniest bomb ever. They ridiculed Manny, and what’s offensive is that one of the figures whom I look up to, an international superstar to note, was one of those who did such.

People said maybe it was time for Pacquiao to take a bow. To resign, that is. Others opine his lost to be due to religion matters. I say, because life doesn’t always favor one’s side.

Because life’s fair.

Because things happen for a reason.

And because He has better plans for us.

Now, Bradley had a chance to fight against Marquez after his epic battle against Pacquiao. Bradley emerged to be the winner. Marquez knocked out Manny, Bradly won over Marquez, so it was not a question why Bradley thought he could knock Pacquiao out on their rematch.


But Pacquiao proved that he’s still the same old Manny Pacquiao. He got the scores 116-112, 116-112, and 118-110. Manny Pacquiao is once again the WBO welterweight champion. Ladies and gents, the champ is back.

On the other note, after the fight, the two combatants embraced, exchanged smiles, and it was so nice of Bradley to clap for Manny who was being announced as the winner.

And I quote this from Brad, “You can’t say nothing bad about Manny. He’s the best fighter in the world, eight-division world champion. I lost to one of the best in the world, man.”

NOW, the world waits for the next epic battle that would surely create history:

Pacquiao/Marquez REMATCH


And ohhh..

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather




Let me hear you. :)

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