Hey You. Yes, you.

*clears throat*


So I see you almost every day.

And for many times, you’re just a meter away.

I want to greet you. Look at those eyes. Hold you. Say that you mean a lot to me.

But I know it’s impossible. Because a guy like you only sees me like a chair in a classroom. Just plain. Unattractive. Worthless.

I’m not a glitter dust that really stands out and shimmers at your sight. Well I know that somebody else does that to you and it stabs me like a hundred times but I still end up alive. Yeah. That’s how it hurts. But I have to smile at the thought that you’re happy and feeling those butterflies in your stomach when she’s around (which same butterflies I feel when you’re around).

Every single time, I think and dream of you requiting my feelings. Of you loving me in return. Oh, how heavenly could that be. But at the end of every thinking and daydreaming, my heart swells and my eyes get watery. Because reality snaps in. And it tells me that I’m only up to thinking and daydreaming. That things would impossibly go beyond that.

Now, seeing you hurt. Seeing you with her hurts even more. I have to get out of this whole stupidity as fast as I could because the more I cling to this damn feeling, the more I get hurt. It’s hard to go on and live life like I’ve never felt this utter heartbreak, but I have to.

But oh boy, I love you.

Could you just love me back?

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