While forcing my lazy self to review for our qualifying exam, I encountered some scribbles (that I’ve made during those boring-reading-times). See, there are a lot of scribbles on certain leaves of my books and since nothing has inspired me yet to write on some important matters, might as well just leave you with these. […]

Because Love Moves in Mysterious Ways… ♥

Everybody’s eyes were glued on her. She seemed like a goddess walking down from heaven. Jaws were dropped, and no one dared to blink, as though afraid to miss the tiniest detail about her. Has time stopped? No. everyone was just in extreme surprise to see the loveliest woman ever, walking down the aisle. She […]


“I love you, Julie.” My mp3 was blasting at its fullest through my earphones and I was singing along with the music but I swear I heard you say something about love if my sensitive ears discerned it correctly. So I removed one earphone and said, “Sorry. Come again?”  as I looked up to you, […]

Hail to the Champ

After what seemed like an end to his pugilistic career, the eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao kisses victory once again after his rematch against Timothy Bradley yesterday. I had observed long ago that when Manny has a fight, the world always seems to stop just to witness him do his thing on the ring. In […]